dreamstime_xxl_28799015With all of the alarming information in the media about the Zika virus, people in Washington D.C are more aware of mosquitoes than ever before.

What used to be an annoying consequence of living in a humid area that experiences hot temperatures during the summer has now become a genuine cause for alarm.

If you’re one of those people who typically exclaim, “Mosquitoes just love me!” dozens of times during the summer, it’s downright terrifying.

As your urgent care center in the Washington D.C. area, Medics USA is always available to provide advice on current health threats, as well as how to deal with hazards that only seem to pop up during the summer.

We recently came upon an interesting article in the Smithsonian Magazine that may help to explain why some people are more likely to get “eaten alive” by mosquitoes than others. Keep reading to discover some of the reasons scientists say mosquitoes might like you more than your spouse or family members, and be sure to visit any Medics USA urgent care in the Washington D.C. area if you start feeling sick!

It Might Be Your Blood Type

A study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology found that people with Type O blood are about twice as likely to be bitten by a mosquito as people with blood Type A. Those with Type B blood averaged somewhere between the two. If you’ve got Type O or B blood, you might want to cover up or use extra bug repellent.

It Might Be Your Breath

Those with a larger body mass tend to exhale more carbon dioxide than smaller people. This CO2 is very inviting to mosquitoes, and could explain why you get bitten more than your smaller friends or family members.

It Might Be Your Workout

If you go outside to enjoy a cold beverage after completing a particularly sweaty workout, you better be ready to swat some mosquitoes! GOOD reports that “Mosquitoes are attracted to the lactic acid, uric acid, and ammonia released through our sweat—not to mention higher body temperatures.”

We hope you’ve found this post about why mosquitoes like some people better than others as interesting as we did! As always, protect yourself from seasonal hazards like mosquito bites by wearing the proper clothing and repellents when you venture outdoors.

No matter what has you feeling bad this summer, remember that your Medics USA urgent care centers are always available to help!