Mosquitoes Eating You Alive? This Might Be Why

With all of the alarming information in the media about the Zika virus, people in Washington D.C are more aware of mosquitoes than ever before. What used to be an annoying consequence of living in a humid area that experiences hot temperatures during the summer has now become a genuine cause for alarm. If you’re […]

3 Painful Summer Threats All Hikers Should Know About

With lots of sunshine and a little extra free time on your hands, you might think about going hiking somewhere in the Washington DC area this summer. Great idea! Not only does hiking get you out of the city heat and up into higher elevations where it’s cooler, it’s also a great workout that gives […]

3 Gross Summer Health Threats All Swimmers Should Know

Summer is hot. In the Washington DC area, it’s not only hot but it’s unbearably humid as well. The combination is very much like sitting in a stinky sauna that someone built inside a brick pizza oven. Not very pleasant. To escape the muggy misery of Washington DC in the summer, many residents take advantage […]

What Every Parent Should Know Stinging Summer Insects

The warm weather of summer brings families out into their backyards and onto their patios. Unfortunately, it also brings bees, wasps, and other stinging insects out into the atmosphere where they can cause problems for humans. Every summer, the Medics USA urgent care centers see hundreds of kids who are suffering from insect bites and […]

Do You Know The Signs Of Food Poisoning?

With all the sun and nice weather, people all around the Washington D.C. area are starting to take their meals outside. Whether it’s eating dinner together on the back patio or hosting a picnic by the lake with coworkers, eating outside is a great change of pace. However, eating outside does present its own set […]

3 Lawnmower Safety Tips To Keep In Mind This Summer

Do you consider your landscaping to be your life’s work? Is your backyard the envy of everyone who lives in your neighborhood? If so, then you’re probably looking forward to summer’s warm weather. People everywhere will be firing up the lawnmowers, weed whackers, and other landscaping power tools. Unfortunately, these giant toys can also be […]

Severe Sunburn? Come See The Docs At Medics USA

When you hear the word “summer,” what’s the first thing you think of? Many people say “barbecues” or “vacation” or “swimming pool.” For lots of people, though, the immediate answer is “sunburns.” The warm weather of summer makes us all want to get outside and spend some time in the sun, but the sun can […]

What Are The Signs Of Dehydration?

Summer will soon be here and in the Washington, D.C. area that means lots of hot, humid weather. Along with sunshine and swimming pools, summertime comes with its own set of potential health hazards. Dehydration is a big threat that can sneak up on people during hot temperatures of summer. But do you know what […]