For most people, the holidays are a wonderful time of year! Not only does the weather cool off and bring the possibility of beautiful snow, but most people also get a few days off to spend with friends and family.

You probably don’t think about the holidays as being a time when your health is at risk, but there are actually quite a few aspects of the season
that might give you reason to visit your primary care physician in Falls Church!

1. Burns, Cuts, & Scalds

When most people talk about the holidays, they get super excited for all the delicious food! Maybe there will be a turkey or ham, surrounded by all the sides and fixin’s that you’ve loved since childhood. But all that extra time in the kitchen means more opportunity for cooking-related accidents. If you experience a burn, cut, or scald this holiday, be sure to schedule a visit with your primary care doctor in Falls Church.

2. Frostbite

Snowshoeing, snowmobiling, skiing, and ice skating are all fun activities to do in Falls Church during the winter season, but be careful! Spending too much time outdoors without the proper protective gear could leave you open to frostbite. If your skin becomes very cold and red, then numb, hard and pale, visit your primary care physician right away.

3. Muscle Spasms

One minute you’re shoveling snow or climbing a ladder to hang the holiday lights, and the next, you’re writhing in pain while clutching your back. With all the stress of the holidays, it’s easy to tweak your back or neck in a painful way.

If you need relief, contact your primary care doctor in Falls Church immediately.