As we mentioned in a previous blog, it’s officially cold and flu season! This is the unfortunate time of year where infections and viruses seem to make their way around offices and schools like wildfire.

When it comes to viruses, there’s little you can do to prevent yourself from falling victim besides coming into your Ashburn primary care clinic for a dose of the flu vaccine. For infections, your primary care physician can prescribe antibiotics that will help defeat the illness, but wouldn’t it be nice to avoid getting sick altogether?

Your best chance of staying well while others around you are dropping like flies is to boost your immune system now, while you’re healthy.

Your immune system is your first line of defense against pathogens that would seek to invade your body and make you ill. Your immune system consists of your skin, lymphatic organs, and hormones that all work together to create and activate warrior cells that fight these invaders.

To keep your immune system strong and healthy, be sure to always come in to see your Ashburn primary care doctor for annual physical exams. Additionally, take these steps, recommended by the Harvard Medical School, to boost your immune system every day!

Need an annual exam or your yearly flu shot? Make an appointment to see a primary care physician at your Ashburn Medics USA location today.