Remember when you were a kid, and you waited all year for the winter holidays to roll around?

Back then, it seemed like everything about the holidays was magical, from the lights to the amazing treats that your Grandma was always baking up in the kitchen. Now that you’re an adult, that joy and wonder of the holidays has probably given way to a full schedule and lots of stress. Sometimes we can even stress ourselves out about the fact that the holidays are going to be stressful…weeks before they even arrive!

As your urgent care provider in Falls Church, Medics USA is dedicated to helping you remain of sound body, soul, and mind throughout this holidays season. Even though we’re better known for treating physical ailments like cuts, burns, and minor bone breaks, we want you to know that we’re invested in your mental and emotional health as well.

To help you take care of you this holiday season, we’ve put together a short list of tips that will help you better prepare for and cope with the stress that so often comes along with holiday celebrations.

Why Are The Holidays So Stressful?

The holidays didn’t seem stressful when you were a kid, but once you reached adulthood, the pressure kicked in. What’s different about celebrating the holidays as an adult or parent, and why does that make us feel so stressed out?

What Can We Do To Reduce Holiday Stress?

Be Realistic – You don’t have to do everything. Pick one or two activities that you know will bring you joy and allow you to spend time with those you love. Ignore the rest.

Strive For Positivity – Dealing with extended family, financial stress, and mishaps in the kitchen can make us feel quite negative over the holidays. Strive to remain positive and look on the bright side of everything that happens. Steer conversations toward neutral topics so everyone can participate with a smile.

Delegate Responsibility – Are you hosting the holiday dinner? That’s a huge undertaking. Offer to make the ham or turkey, they ask your guests to supply the sides. This lets everyone feel that they’ve contributed and takes some of the pressure off your plate.

Visit Your Falls Church Urgent Care For Any Unexpected Health Issues

If during the course of your holiday preparations (or celebrations!) you find yourself feeling unwell, remember that your Falls Church urgent care is always ready to help. We have weekend and evening hours to ensure you can get help…fast!