dreamstime_xxl_11094150Runny nose.

Pounding headache.

Itchy eyes.

Most people associate seasonal allergies with the spring, when trees, flowers, and weeds are putting out their first blooms, but fall allergies can be just as brutal.

If you’ve got symptoms of a cold or the flu that just aren’t going away, you might want to check in with your nearest Medics USA urgent care center in Falls Church, Virginia. We’ll help you get some relief!

Keep reading to learn more about allergies that strike in the fall, and how our doctors and nurses can tell if they seem to be associated with known fall allergens.

Causes Of Fall Allergies

In America, the number one cause of allergies is usually ragweed. The reason this plant triggers allergies in the fall rather than the spring or summer is that it waits until the nights get cool to release its pollen. Ragweed allergies affect nearly 75 percent of all seasonal allergy sufferers, and its effects can last well into October.

Another cause of allergies in the fall can be exposure to mold. Many people take care to prevent mold from growing in moist, dark areas of their home, but what about in the great outdoors? Those damp piles of autumn leaves gathering in your yard are a favorite hiding place for mold.

Finally, dust mites are another common fall allergy trigger. If you noticed your symptoms start to flare up after turning on your heat for the first time in months, dust mites are probably the cause. They love to hide unused air ducts, getting stirred into the air the first time you fire up the furnace.

Symptoms Of Fall Allergies

Any of the following are signs that you may be suffering from fall allergies triggered by the substances listed above:

Get Relief From Allergies At Your Falls Church Urgent Care

If you’re not sure whether you’re getting sick or suffering from seasonal allergies, come into the nearest Medics USA urgent care clinic in Falls Church. We’ll ask you some questions about the onset of your symptoms and possibly perform a few tests to determine what’s affecting you. We won’t just tell you to take a certain medication, or tell you to “tough it out” unless we truly think that’s what’s best for your health. No matter what, we’re here to help you feel better…FAST!

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