You’d be hard pressed to find an urgent care brand in Ashburn that’s more patriotic than Medics USA. We’ve got ‘USA’ right in our name!

With a history of serving Washington D.C. and many locations in Virginia, we’re honored to be able to serve many people who have veterans as their family member or friend. But you know what’s really sad? In many cases our urgent care centers can’t serve the veterans themselves.

Why Can’t Ashburn’s Veterans Use Urgent Care Centers?

According to the VA web site, urgent and limited emergency care services are only available to enrolled veterans at VA health care facilities or non-VA health care facilities at which VA has a sharing agreement or contract.

As you might imagine, this is incredibly inconvenient and even dangerous for veterans who might experience a sudden illness or trauma while far away from one of these “approved” facilities.

In July of 2016, the Urgent Care Association of America sent a letter to the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs asking Congress to include all urgent care centers in the health care coverage offered by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

According to a UCAOA press release, “access to urgent care clinics can help reform the struggling VHA while reducing health care costs to the VA system overall,” and Medics USA couldn’t agree more.

We have made it our mission to provide prompt, high quality care to all of those in the Ashburn area via our urgent care clinics. We understand that when you’re very sick or have suffered an acute but minor injury, you want the flexibility to see a medical professional as quickly as possible.

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