It’s been a long day at work. There was a glare on your computer screen that just wouldn’t seem to go away. Your loudest coworker seemed to find a way to pace past your desk about 6,000 times during the course of the day on the loudest phone call of their life. Add to that the fact that it’s unseasonably hot outside, but rather than blasting air conditioning to keep you cool, someone decided that what your office needed was just a little bit more heat.

Once the clock strikes five, you can finally grab your things and head home for some much needed relief. After such a long and tiring day, the last thing you want, however, is to go home and cook for yourself. “I’m just going to throw on my pajamas, flop onto the couch, and order a pizza,” you think as you pull into your garage.

What Does This Have to Do With Urgent Care?

Be patient, because all will be answered. People generally associate urgent care with a broken bone, a case of the flu, or a cut that won’t stop bleeding. And while in many cases those are exactly the things that are treated in an urgent care, the fact of the matter is that eating healthy can make a massive difference in your overall health. Sometimes people come in and see us for digestive issues and other times they might visit our urgent care clinic because they have a particularly bad case of food poisoning.

So how can you actively take a role in eating well? Well, for one, rather than relying on ordering a pizza like in the scenario above, you could make a pizza at home. It’s a small start, but at least it’s a start. You see, making your own pizza at home means you have direct control over what ingredients are going into your body. Rather than relying on a greasy and slightly cold mess to show up at your door an hour after you place your order, you can make your own healthier version and enjoy it hot out of the oven.

A Few Ideas

Some of those who are reading this are probably thinking that this all sounds like an awful lot of work. After all, it is a lot easier to just collapse onto the couch and order some food from your iPhone, right? Well, sure. We’ll give you one point for the ease of just being able to order food and have someone else bring it to you.

The truth is though that with a little bit of preparation and a little bit of planning ahead, days like the one you just had at work won’t mean that you have to rely on bad pizza as a backup plan. For instance, if you just know that there’s a coworker who is going to drive you crazy about once a week because it’s happened like clockwork since you started, you can incorporate your need for some fast, easy food into your weekly grocery list.

What we mean by that is that you can add a pizza crust, some cheese, and a package of pepperoni to your shopping cart while you’re at the store. Then when that bad day at work inevitably rolls around, all you have to do is preheat your oven, break out the crust, and toss on your toppings. Crisis averted because not only did you not have to spend an arm and a leg getting pizza delivered, but you also know exactly what’s on your pizza and it wasn’t that much harder than getting out your laptop to place an order.

Eating Healthy Has Never Been Easier

We are fortunate enough to live in a time where finding healthy foods is pretty easy to do even at a chain grocery store. For instance, if you’re looking to cut carbs a bit, your local grocery store will likely have quite a few foods that make that possible. Want to dial back on sugar? That same grocery store probably has a number of things you can buy that are made with stevia so you don’t have to worry about breaking your diet.

The key to your success when it comes to eating well is to simply be consistent. Of course this is true for any number of things in life as well. If you can consistently make it a point to eat at home and not grab fast food at every opportunity, your stomach–and your overall health–will thank you.

Of Course If You Need Urgent Care, We’ll Be There

So should you eat healthier? Absolutely you should! It can do wonders for everything from the level of energy you have to how well you sleep at night to how easy it is to deal with the annoying fellow from work who is always talking at full volume.

And don’t worry, because if you need an urgent care clinic, we’ll still be here for you!