Even though most of us have been doing it all our lives, visiting the doctor can still be a nerve-wracking experience.

For some reason, patients can get nervous during the question and answer portion of an annual exam or visit about health issues, leading them to answer the questions in the way they think the doctors want rather than telling the truth.

This is a very funny behavior when you think about it, because your primary care physician’s main concern is your health, and being able to help you improve your health depends on getting accurate information from you, the patient.

11 Things You Should Never Hide From Your Primary Care Doctor

  1. Smoking
  2. Excessive Drinking
  3. Recreational Drug Use
  4. Issues With Urination Or Defecation
  5. Taking Herbal Supplements
  6. Visiting A Chiropractor Or Acupuncturist
  7. Inability To Afford A Recommended Procedure
  8. Prefer Generic Pharmaceuticals
  9. Lack Of Exercise
  10. Eating Junk Food
  11. An “Unimportant” Health Concern

Why Tell Your Primary Care Doctor The Truth?

Sure, some of the above realities can be a little bit embarrassing when you’re forced to talk about them you only known in a professional setting. The reason to overcome these feelings and tell your primary care doctor the truth is that they can’t provide you with accurate diagnoses and treatment unless you do.

Remember, even if your doctor thinks that your behavior is shocking or disagrees with it in some way, they can’t share that information with anyone else. Your medical history is governed by strict privacy laws and violations of those laws can land your primary care doctor in hot water.

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