travel, travel consult, medical travel consultAlright, admit it. Traveling internationally is a blast. Having Dulles International Airport within easy reach makes it exceptionally easy to jet off on your next adventure. But any good trip takes some planning and thought. Many destinations require visas or vaccinations in order to cross international borders. Stopping by Medics USA around three months prior to your next international vacation for a travel consultation would really behoove you. And here are three reasons why.

Don’t Get Stuck on the Borders

Many countries require specific vaccinations for entry due to higher risks of contracting various diseases. Having the proper vaccines at least 60 days prior to your trip and proper documentation can make sure you don’t get stuck at an international borders. It would be terrible to get turned away and lose the money you invested in your trip because you are missing one vaccine. We help you to make sure you’re all set for the adventures that await you.

Tailored Healthcare

Travel consults aren’t only about vaccinations but also your personal health care. Visiting with us as your primary care provider will allow us to get you ready for your trip. We can help you address any health concerns from long-term conditions or medications that may cause concern on your trip. We can even discuss your planned activities and itinerary with you to make sure it’s ideal for your health care needs.

Know Your Health Risks

With all the news out there about various outbreaks, it’s hard to know what could be a real threat to you or what you may just have to be careful about. Zika virus and ebola have been major news topics as of late. Your primary care physician can help advise you on a risks for your vacation to your health and how best to protect yourself.

Come to Medics USA for a travel consult before your next big adventure with your primary care physician.