For over a century, visiting one’s primary care physician in Falls Church meant traveling to medical clinic where you could be seen by the doctor in person. In some very select cases, especially in the early 20th century, doctors would also make house calls for those who were very ill or critically injured, but being evaluated by a primary care physician still involved that doctor being in the room with you.

Well the times they are a changin’.

In a recent artic
le published by the modern health and medicine website STAT, a visit to your primary care doctor may soon be something that’s carried out completely via the internet.

A digital startup called Sherpa is attempting to replace the in-person visit to your primary care physician with a virtual experience that’s carried out completely through text messages and emails.

“The model is a hybrid between two reigning telemedicine models. There are those like Teladoc, American Well, and Doctor on Demand, which provide one-off video or phone chats but often without much continuity in who you see. And there are brick-and-mortar doctors’ offices that offer their local patients virtual visits,” reports STAT.

While these types of virtual services might be growing in popularity, we don’t think that an email can substitute with an in-person visit with a primary care physician with whom you have many years of medical history.

If you’re the “old fashioned” type of person who still thinks a doctor should be able to observe your body with their eyes and examine it with their hands, contact the Medics USA primary care clinic in Falls Church. We promise not to text you. Instead, we’ll give you the reliable, in-person care you’ve come to expect.