Even though we’re in the throws of summer right now, it will be back-to-school time before you know it! Although this revelation is bound to evoke a round of groans from anyone under the age of 18, we know all of you parents out there are silently breathing a sigh of relief. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

With back-to-school time comes a whole flurry of activity needed to get your family ready for a new year of classes. In addition to buying new pens, pencils, and notebooks, don’t forget about your back-to-school physicals and immunizations!

As your primary care provider in Falls Church, Medics USA is always ready to help with this important back-to-school task.

Keep reading to learn why back-to-school physicals and immunizations are such an important part of what our primary care providers do here in Falls Church, and learn how easy it can be to take care of these tasks for the whole family at Medics USA!

Ensure Proper Development

You might be wondering why it is that many Virginia schools require an annual physical to be performed before a child can return to school each year. After all, they’re not sick or injured, they just want to continue their education! Among other things, an annual physical exam performed by a primary care provider ensures that your child is meeting the average developmental standards for their age group. If there areas in which they’re excelling or lagging, your primary care provider will be able to point it out and develop a plan for dealing with these developmental issues properly.

Build A Medical History

Another reason it’s so important to take your child in for an annual physical is that it helps to build a medical history that will become invaluable when your child becomes an adult. “Having a long-term history with a child or adolescent gives the doctor the awareness of the child’s progress and development over time,” explains HealthyChild.org. Patterns that emerge throughout the course of a medical history can help with the diagnosis and treatment of issues that may emerge in adulthood.

Prepare Young Athletes

Is your child hoping to participate in organized sports this upcoming school year? If so, it’s very important to take them for a physical exam with your primary care provider in Falls Church. This will ensure that his or her young body is healthy enough for the demands of their favorite sport, so future injuries can be avoided.

Hopefully, this post has helped you to see why so many school districts in Virginia require each child to have a valid physical examination and clean bill of health on file before they can begin the new year.

If you’re looking for someone to conduct your child’s physical exam this year, why not come into the convenient Falls Church location of Medics USA? We have qualified primary care providers who are ready to make sure your child is in peak physical condition before the school year starts.

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