At Medics USA, we care about your health. We want you to feel educated and empowered to care for yourself in the best ways possible. That’s why it’s so important to schedule an annual exam to ensure your health is being tended to and so you can discuss any concerns you may have with your doctor. When you turn to Medics USA for primary care in Virginia or Washington DC, you can rest assured that you’ll be working with a team that puts your health first and is here to help you on your journey towards a happy, healthy life. 

Reasons You Should Schedule a Physical Every Year 

Establish a Relationship With Your Provider 

One of the main reasons people don’t go to the doctor is because they’re embarrassed by an issue they’re dealing with. However, your doctor is one of the people you should feel most comfortable talking to about your health and wellness. When you see your primary care doctor often, it helps to build a relationship which then builds trust so you know you can talk to your doctor regardless of the problem you’re having. 

Assess Your Overall Health 

Whether you physically feel fine or not, an annual exam allows doctors to ask you specific questions and perform certain tests to see how well your body is functioning. From a visual overview to listening to your heart rate and breathing, your doctor can help you identify anything abnormal or something that may need further examination. 

Common Screenings That Take Place During a Physical Exam 

Address Current Medications and Renewals 

The only way to stay current on medications is to visit your doctor frequently. Prescriptions are often written for one year or less depending on the amount of monitoring needed. If you don’t see your doctor on a regular basis, you likely aren’t going to be able to address whether or not you should be taking your medication. From birth control to blood pressure medication, it’s vital to ensure you don’t run out of your medication. 

Update Your Vaccines 

While you may remember getting vaccines often as a kid, it’s just as important to keep up with your vaccine schedule as an adult. As you age, there are certain vaccines you will need to ensure you’re protected against diseases. The Tdap vaccine is one that you’ll want to make sure you’ve received either as an adolescent or adult, followed by the Td booster every 10 years. 

Obtain Preventative Care 

There are certain health issues that can absolutely be avoided with proper guidance and screenings from your doctor. Your physician will help you identify any risk factors you may have based on personal or family history, or abnormal screenings that need to be addressed to avoid bigger problems down the road. 

Minimize Your Healthcare Costs 

Preventative care is always less expensive than long-term treatments and bills that come with a disease. Annual exams are often 100% covered by insurance, and they may save you money in the long run if you’re able to identify a problem before it gets to be a serious issue. 

These are just a few of the reasons we suggest scheduling an annual exam here at Medics USA. Our practice has three locations for your convenience, and we’re always happy to schedule appointments based on your needs. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a physical or you know you’re due for an exam soon, call our medical facility today for an appointment. We look forward to helping you be the healthiest version of yourself!