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Does Chronic Depression Increase Risk of Stroke?

According to a study by public health researchers at the University of California San Francisco, the University of Minnesota, University of Washington and Harvard, individuals suffering chronic depression have an elevated risk of stroke. In addition, this increase in risk continues to linger after the depression has been treated. American Heart Association spokesperson Dr. Philip […]

Will You Successfully Quit Smoking? A New Brain Study Could Predict Your Chances

Have you tried to quit smoking, but continuously fail? The mental toll of quitting for heavy smokers can include withdrawal, headaches, lethargy, and cravings. But a new study shows that certain individuals are better mentally prepared than others to kick the habit. Researchers using functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, studied the brain of a […]

Yelp 5-star review

Tooting our own horn. A nice 5 stars on Yelp for our Ashburn office: “This was my first time at this office and I was very pleased. Everyone was very nice, friendly, and professional.”

Current status of flu season

What is happening with this year’s flu season? According to this chart from the Centers for Disease Control, the season is beginning slowly, like most previous years, and it will take a few weeks to determine if the season will be mild or severe. Under any circumstances, it would be wise to be immunized soon: […]

Digital Toddlers in the Waiting Room

My office adjoins the reception area of the Medics USA Primary & Urgent Care Center in Purcellville. What comes through my door are the sounds from the other room. Occasionally, there will be a very young child with a painful ear-ache and powerful set of lungs. At other times, I can make out a youngster […]