When you get sick, you want to be taken care of as soon as possible. But usually, when we need to get in to see our primary care physician, we can’t make an appointment until a week later and it doesn’t do any good. If you cannot wait a week to see your primary care doctor, you have a very important decision to make. You can either go to the emergency room or you can come to the urgent care at Medics USA in Washington DC. We have many reasons why you should choose to come to your local urgent care when you are suffering from something that is not life-threatening.


Usually, when you choose to go to the emergency room, you are bleeding or in desperate need of help. If you do not have something life-threatening at the ER, then you are likely to sit in the waiting room for hours waiting to be seen. At the urgent care at Medics USA, you are seen in order of arrival and treated with the respect and courtesy that you deserve. You will be seen in a timely manner and heading home to rest in no time.


Unless you have really great insurance coverage, a trip to the emergency room is going to cost you a small fortune. Going to the ER for a sore throat can end up costing a couple thousand dollars. Medics USA’s urgent care facility accepts most insurances and costs about half the price of the ER. There are a lot of insurances that even cover the majority of your visit to the urgent care clinic.


One of the biggest reasons you are having to pay so much money at an ER is because you have to wait on test results. You have to pay for every minute that you are in one of their beds plus the cost of the test for something that the doctor could have diagnosed without. At Medics USA, you will be in and out of the urgent care in no time. There is not a backup of orders or rush orders that get top priority. You will know your results, get a diagnosis and medication and be out the door faster than you could be seen at the emergency room.


Sometimes you don’t need to see a licensed doctor for whatever ails you. Urgent cares have nurses, physician’s assistants and other staff that can help with diagnostics. They can help administer tests and send them off to the lab without waiting for a doctor to enter the room. They are even trained when it comes to reading the results. This saves you from having to wait so long while the doctors see to other patients.

So the next time you are feeling under the weather and need to be seen by a medical professional, consider heading to your Washington DC urgent care facility at Medics USA. It will not only save you money but it will save you valuable time that you could be using to rest and get to feeling better.